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A memorial gift is a special way to remember and honour a loved one Collections in memory If you would like to send us funds that have been collected in memory of your loved one at a memorial event, please contact the Fundraising team on or email fundraising coeliac.

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Why not set up an online giving page in memory of your loved one? Setting up a JustGiving In Memory page before a funeral or event allows friends and family to donate with with ease and piece of mind, where they can leave their own personal message of tribute.

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It also gives you one less thing to worry about on the day. To set up a page please visit JustGiving.

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Florence was a homely lady who loved to cook for her family. Shopping in the early days was an ordeal diabetes uk shop online food labelling was not what is is today. The Food and Drink Guide was a god send!

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We donated to Coeliac UK on behalf of my mum as we felt she would want to help you help others with the disease. Kevin, son Derrick was a very proud father and grandfather who had battled with coeliac disease for over 20 years.

He found the magazine to be very informative.

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It enabled him to find new foods and recipes to try and where to shop. With the help from Coeliac UK, diabetes uk shop online was more or less able to lead a normal life. I know he would have been very happy to give back to the charity that had helped with his illness.

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Jean, wife Eileen was very active throughout her 92 years. Ballroom dancing, keep fit classes, visiting restaurants with friends and catching up on her favourite musicals in London. She attended the annual reunion for the regional Coeliac UK group discussing all aspects for continued good health.

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She enjoyed managing coeliac disease by controlling her food intake. Eileen will be missed by many people. Peter, brother in law Celebration of life There are lots of events you can do in memory of your loved one.

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Whether it's a celebration of life, a gift to mark an anniversary or special date, any donation received makes a real difference to the vital work we do. We understand that losing a loved one can be painful, but to help make it easier our Fundraising cukorbetegség okozta székrekedés is here to support you every step of the way.

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For more information If you have any further questions about gifts in memory or would like support in setting up a In Memory page please contact our Fundraising team at fundraising coeliac.